A New Book is Coming!

I am in the process of writing a book about Brownie’s father, Mortimer. He is mentioned early in the book “For the Love of Our Dog Brownie”. It tells a story of a one month journey by the black long haired dachshund from his home to Tim Smith’s breeding barn. It is scheduled to be released early this spring.

Purchase a copy of “For the Love of Our Dog Brownie” to see how a little dog can teach children about God.

Published by Brownie's Author

Hi, I'm Gregory Lamberty. I wrote "For the Love of Our Dog Brownie". Brownie was our dog. She lived eighteen and a half years. My wife Colleen took care of Brownie, trained her and took care of her. Colleen was the one who inspired me to write about Brownie. Colleen's training and love set Brownie apart from other dogs. That was what made her special.

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