Why would Mortimer Leave Fred

Mortimer was Fred Best’s finest dog. He was the flag ship of Fred and Jane Best’s Dachshunds. Mortimer was entered in the most dog shows and he won the most awards.

Why would Mortimer leave? The dog had the best food, the best pen, and the best publicity of any dog Fred ever had. Every dog is curious. They want to explore the world around them. Smells of every kind tingle their noses. Where are these scents coming from? “Lets find out”.

“But how? I’m always locked up, or play in a fenced yard or, allowed to run around in a locked up house.”

Then one day, or in this case, evening Mortimer’s master leave the dog’s gate open and even the barn door is wide open.

What an opportunity to explore the smells which drift in from far away places or those right next door. If you were Mortimer, what would you do?

Published by Brownie's Author

Hi, I'm Gregory Lamberty. I wrote "For the Love of Our Dog Brownie". Brownie was our dog. She lived eighteen and a half years. My wife Colleen took care of Brownie, trained her and took care of her. Colleen was the one who inspired me to write about Brownie. Colleen's training and love set Brownie apart from other dogs. That was what made her special.

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