Brownie and now Mortimer

Read about the adventures of Brownie and now Mortimer, her Father.

Mortimer escapes from home and gets lost. Read his adventures and then read about Brownie.


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Fred and Jane Best

Over the next few days, I will begin revealing more about Fred and Jane Best, the owners of Mortimer. There will be no post this Sunday. The next post will be Monday June 5th.

Why Were Dog Breeders Attracted to George-Ville?

George Miller was born in Central Pennsylvania and his Newfoundland Dog Aaron accompanied him when he enlisted in the Union Army. His dog saved him in several battles. The above is fiction, but there was a real Newfoundland dog who participitated in several battles in the Civil War. His name was Major and he was…

More Details on George-Ville

In George-Ville, everyone had a dog. The town was founded by George Miller, a breeder of Newfoundland Dogs way back in the 1870s. George was a Civil War veteran who was saved by one during one of the battles he fought in. He never forgot his buddy Aaron. After a few years working on farms…

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