A Little More About Brownie


I will give you a little more information about Browine. She was born in August of2001. We were just married. I suggested getting a dog for our home as a security measure. The oldest daughter of one of our friends adopted a shelter dog. The dog was sent to the pound. Brownie’s birth was an accident. It turns out that the girl’s parents didn’t want the former pound resident either. So after we were invited to their house one evening, they trotted the tiny puppy out of one of their bedrooms and encouraged her to sit by us. After a couple of pleedings from the dog, we took her home. The certificate they gave us said, “dachshund, shepherd. I was not familiar with the number of shepherds. I only thought of a German Shepherd. The dog looked nothing like a German Shepherd. I will leave the story there until tomorrow. If you want a more exciting version (fiction), pick up a copy of “For the Love of Our Dog Brownie. ” I will try to post another picture of Brownie too.

God Bless,

Greg Lamberty

a Little

Published by Brownie's Author

Hi, I'm Gregory Lamberty. I wrote "For the Love of Our Dog Brownie". Brownie was our dog. She lived eighteen and a half years. My wife Colleen took care of Brownie, trained her and took care of her. Colleen was the one who inspired me to write about Brownie. Colleen's training and love set Brownie apart from other dogs. That was what made her special.

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