The Endearing Love of a Dog

Hi All,

Browine was a pound dog. She was rejected by several people before she landed in our home. Like all “children” she was trouble at first. Colleen did her best to straighten out the problems. It was our custom to attach the dog to her teather in our back yard. She would do her business and we’d let her back in the house afterwards. One time we put her out on her teather and forgot about her. Brownie walked to the back door and patiently waited. I don’t quite remember how she finally got our attention, but when she did we opened the door to let her in. We then noticed that the teather broke from rusting. Browine could have run away, but she didn’t. She wanted to stay with US!

Published by Brownie's Author

Hi, I'm Gregory Lamberty. I wrote "For the Love of Our Dog Brownie". Brownie was our dog. She lived eighteen and a half years. My wife Colleen took care of Brownie, trained her and took care of her. Colleen was the one who inspired me to write about Brownie. Colleen's training and love set Brownie apart from other dogs. That was what made her special.

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